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Cannes 2012 might be over but it’s ghosts continue to linger. Hindustan Times apparently paid Rs. 25,000 (approximately $450) for each of these (and similar) photos of Aishwarya Rai Bachchan’s six-month-old baby, as mom and daughter touched down at the Nice Côte d’Azur airport to start the journey down the red carpet (and we all know how that went!).

While you can’t see even a tiny inch of Beti B’s face, to me the pix are worth it to see the ridiculously hilarious lengths that Aish would go to prevent a photo of her baby from emerging anywhere. Why? What’s the point? Seriously? Any guesses because I am truly befuddled by this strange aversion to the camera from people who have actually chosen to live in the public eye.

While I can understand that everyone wants privacy – even our celebs – isn’t this a tad extreme? What will happen if someone does get a glimpse of Beti B? Besides the fact that all the whipped-up curiosity will be satisfied and everyone will stop running after mom and baby and dad and granddad? Or, maybe, that is the point ;)