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Lal Mirchi, Anardana, Ratin Jot, Amchoor, Kuhti and Koliary

Francois Nars and designer Thakoon Panichgul — whose fan following includes Jessica Alba and Michelle Obama — have come together to create a limited edition, six colour nail polish collection that’s inspired by the vibrant colours found in Indian spice markets. What sets this collection apart from the scores of other India-inspired makeup products is that it has none of the rustic, earthy quality that usually defines the country. Instead, what you get are bright, cheerful pops of colour, each of which is named after a spice or medicinal plant. And if some don’t exactly look like the spice they are channelling (I have never seen amchoor in such a bright yellow shade – it’s usually closer to brown) who is complaining? For those curious about the names, here are the English descriptions:

Lal Mirchi: A bright powder made from dried red chillies

Anardana: Pomegranate seed

Ratin Jot: A food colouring agent derived from the roots of the Alkanet plant, which has been used as a dye since earliest recorded history

Amchoor: A sour-tangy powder made from dried unripe green mangoes

Kutki: The Himalayan Gentian, an endangered plant of the Himalayas, which has powder blue blooms

Koliyari: The Ceylon Hydrolea, a plant whose leaves have cleansing and healing effects when beaten to a pulp and applied as a poultice.