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If you are in love with the India of sumptuous palaces, exotic maharanis, vibrant colours and tantalising spices, I Coloniali has just the perfect sensory experience for your body and soul. It’s latest collection – Rituale Indi – is inspired by the charms of India and formulated with the distinctive ingredients and signature scents of this magical land. And I am not just referring to the more commonly used flowers and essences – these products carry actual extracts of precious stones that are so much a part of Indian culture.

The Illuminating Cream Shampoo, for instance, contains Vetiver enriched with Diamond extract that, thanks to its illuminating properties, it helps restore your hair’s sheen.

Similarly, the Sensual Body and Hair Perfume contains diamond extracts that nourish your skin and hair while adding a light, luxurious scent that doesn’t weigh down the strands.

For silky hands and feet, try the light and easily absorbed Relaxing Massage – a velvety cream enriched with Pearl extract and a delightful Jasmine scent.

And it’s not just what’s in the bottles – the packaging is also inspired by the East, making this set a true collectible.